Beating the Bounds


Oral histories and written memories from residents of the London Borough of Waltham Forest are brought together in no linear structure, Beating the Bounds (2015) plays on the subjectivity of memory as historical truth.

I grew up in Waltham Forest, a borough on the outer edges of London, and this city-poem takes you on a journey around its blurred boundaries which over time have shrunk and expanded. The camera points inwards, stopping at significant landmarks relating to my own history or of someone else's.

The film pays tribute to the writings of the social historian and anarchist thinker Colin Ward, and was produced as part of my dissertation for an Art & Design in Education MA at the UCL Institute of Education.

Soundtrack by Famous Moon King courtesy of Tesla Tapes, Manchester.

Sanna Charles

Visual Artist

Sanna is a visual artist from London, living and working in Norway.

Teaching photography and english language at a Steiner School in rural Norway.