God Listens to Slayer

Ditto Press, 2015

God Listens to Slayer is a journey into the world of extreme metal.

It was a project that began at a music festival in 2002, and something I returned to over a period of roughly 10 years as I went to concerts and festivals, attracted to the freedom these spaces allowed let go and release, and all the moments in between. What you don’t see in these pictures is the music and how even in stillness and solitude there is a low rumble of bass or a group of people shouting “Slayeeeeerrrrrrr!!!”, there’s the beauty of photography; a brief pause in the chaos as we wait for the next band or race to the next stage pushing our way to the front before they start.

The work was published by Ben Freeman’s Ditto Press in 2015.

British Journal of Photography
It’s Nice That
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Sanna Charles

Visual Artist

Sanna is a visual artist from London with roots in Finland. She now resides in rural Norway, close to the forest and a fjord.
Art & Life

In the persuit of a deeper connection to our planet, she teaches english and photography at a Steiner school in Norway.