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From 2002 whilst living in London I started working in the music industry as a photographer for bands and publications like NME, Dazed & Confused, Terrorizer, Vice, ‘Sup and others. I was finding my way in the world and enjoying being in my 20s living amongst the chaos of the big city. I took my job seriously but I was incredibly shy and music was a way out of my head. I was attracted to the energy of musicians, I wanted to understand how they tick; what makes people do the things they do up there on a stage, and being behind a camera gave me that opportunity. Sometimes these situations were slightly awkward, not everyone enjoys having their photograph taken by a stranger and musicians often spend a lot of time alone or in a studio immersed in sound, and in my world i spent a lot of time trying to stay small and hidden. Looking back to these experiences i’m met with the sensation that we are all human beings trying to live our fullest creative selves, there is a connection that I hope is transferred to the viewer of the photograph as much as they might connect to their music. I remember the generosity of some of these individuals who could see my nervous disposition enough to put me at ease, I am eternally grateful for all of the people who allowed me to spend time with them and take their photograph.

Sanna Charles

Visual Artist

Sanna is a visual artist from London with roots in Finland. She now resides in rural Norway, close to the forest and a fjord.
Art & Life

In the persuit of a deeper connection to our planet, she teaches english and photography at a Steiner school in Norway.