In my early 20s I felt a pull towards music photography and thanks to a series of events, found myself shooting for NME. I went on to work for a bunch of other magazines including Vice, Terrorizer, Dazed & Confused...
Through music I can escape into fantasy, it’s a form of meditation and inspiration. It’s a privilage to be trusted to photograph people and capture something of them in a portrait and these are some of the people who have allowed me to do so.

Selected prints are available in the Collective Oslo webshop.

(Not in correct order) Conny Prantera: The Seer.  Mizuno Yoko / Wata: Boris. Dylan Carlson. Chelsea Loh: Fetid. Bobby Krilic: The Haxan Cloak. Luminous Bodies. The Scrags.Al Cisneros & Chris Hakius: OM. Grand Magus.  Flight. Jimmy Martin: Teeth of the Sea.Rose Kemp. Wino: Saint Vitus. Whitehouse. Alexander Tucker: Grumbling Fur. Bo Ningen. Taigen Kawabe. Nekromantheon. In Solitude (at the mill on the cover of Black Sabbath’s debut album)