Ditto Press, 2013


Riso print publication and E.P vinyl release of music by S&M. Published by Ditto Press, 2013.

S&M are Sanna Charles and Mark Wagner.

“Sitting on the peripheries of a rejuvenated and exciting doom metal scene in East London are S&M (formerly Sunday Mourning), a mesmerising, ominous and meditative duo whose work is hard to pin down and define. Their latest release and first on Ditto Press, titled sha·man, is a book of photographs containing a two track 10" single (both tracks a mystical 11:11 minutes in length) nestled at the book's heart. Photographer and drummer Sanna Charles has collected these enigmatic photographs of 'forests, man-made totems and haunting landscapes' to provide the visual cues for their cabalistic and shamanic sound. Alongside guitarist and vocalist Mark Wagner, together they're exploring a strongly conceptual, otherworldly approach to metal. S&M launched the book/single late last year with a week long exhibition and musical 'happening' at their cavernous art space MKII in Hackney”.

The Quietus

Sanna Charles

Visual Artist

Sanna is a visual artist from London, living and working in Norway.

Teaching photography and english language at a Steiner School in rural Norway.